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Government Make 2013 Curriculum Textbook Free

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Government Make 2013 Curriculum Textbook Free
Government Make 2013 Curriculum Textbook Free.(Herry Murdy Hermawan)
By Ulul Maskuriah

Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan (Antaranews) - The government provide free textbooks for schools that have implemented the 2013 curriculum, so that students do not need to be burdened with the cost of purchasing the book.

Head of South Kalimantan Education Agency Ngadimun here on Wednesday said the free school books in 2013 curriculum is a national government program in the hope of easing the burden of parents.

"For school who did not implement the 2013 curriculum still refers to the previous program curriculum in 2012," he said adding that the textbook still using the 2012 curriculum that students do not need to buy the book again.

According to him, the 2013 curriculums are implemented gradually in South Kalimantan. The first stage in areas that are relatively affordable in order to facilitate communication in coaching.

Some areas are ready to implement the curriculum in 2013 include Banjarmasin, Banjarbaru, Banjar District, Tapin, South Hulu Sungai (HSS), Tanah Laut (Tala), and Barito Kuala (Batola).

While six other districts in South Kalimantan in the later stages, namely Central Hulu Sungai (HST), North Hulu Sungai (HSU), Balangan, Tabalong, Tanah Bumbu (Tanbu), and the District of Kotabaru.

Hundreds of teachers from all levels were trained before the 2013 curriculum implementation in the seven districts/municipalities. For the first phase, training involved 47 elementary school principals and 246 teachers. From the Junior High School (SMP) 206 teachers, Senior High School (SMA) 51, and Vocational School (SMK) 86 teachers.

Ngadimum sure, implementing the 2013 curriculum will not interfere the implementation of the national exam, because it is basically has not much different in subject matter. *** 4 ***

Editor: Asmuni Kadri


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